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Public Notice
Five Year Agency Plan, 2020 Annual Plan Update, Five Year Capital Fund Plan (CFP), and CFP Annual Statement
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Click Here to View FY2020 - FY2024 Five Year Agency Plan (Draft)

Click Here to View FY 2020 Annual Agency Plan Update (Draft)

Click Here to View FY 2020 Five Year Capial Fund Plan (Draft)

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BluePrint 2020
 Strategic Plan 2020 - 2030


The Housing Authority of the County of Yolo (YCH) has provided not only housing, but safety, affordability, opportunity and dignity for 70 years. Yet, despite our work, our communities in Yolo, as well as in the nation, are in the midst of an affordability crisis, exacerbated by a lack of available housing supply. In 2019, to address these needs, we completed a new Strategic Plan, BluePrint 2020, to guide the short and long range planning that must take place to ensure that our vision for affordable, accessible, decent and safe housing for everyone in Yolo is met.

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Informational Videos on Housing Choice Voucher Programs


Welcome Home
Yolo County Housing is dedicated to working together to provide quality affordable housing and community development services to all within its service area. Yolo County Housing was first created in 1950. Its primary programs are funded by the United States Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) and through the State of California (O MS and HCD). The Housing Authority and its allied organizations provide assistance to approximately 2,076 households. Housing assistance is provided throughout the region and can be found in Woodland, West Sacramento, Davis, Winters, Esparto, Yolo, Knight's Landing, Dunnigan, Madison and in Dixon (Solano County).YCH provides year-round rental assistance through low cost housing that it owns and manages, as well as through housing that it owns in partnership. It also provides assistance through its Section 8 Housing Choice Voucher program, its Project-Based Voucher program and through its Section 8 Homeownership program. Additional units are available as well as through housing programs provided by its non-profit subsidiary, New Hope Community Development Corporation.

YCH also provides decent and safe temporary housing to migrant farmworker families during the County’s growing season. The City operates two centers in Yolo County. In addition, the YCH also provides staff and services to the Dixon Housing Authority and manages its Dixon Migrant Center.
YCH provides space that is used by a number of local City, County, University and non-profit organizations to provide after-school and educational programs for youth, as well as senior meal programs and classes to City and County residents regardless of whether or not they receive other services through the YCH.

Yolo County Housing, its Allied Organizations, Commissioners and staff invite you to get to know the YCH better and to help us as we strive to fulfill our mission of providing for quality of life through affordable housing and good community development within the region. Opportunities exist through living in our rental communities, participating in our programs, as well as through volunteerism, service provision, or by serving as partners with us in the development and implementation of our programs. For more information about these opportunities, click on the appropriate links, or contact us through our email roster or by phone.

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Commission Calendar 2019

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625 Court Street, Woodland

Calendar Year 2020

Meeting Date              Agenda Packet    Meeting Minutes 
January 15, 2020  2019-01-15  
February 19, 2020  2019-02-19  2019-02-19
March 18, 2020 Cancelled  
April 15, 2020  
May 13, 2020    
June 17, 2020    
July 29, 2020  
August 26, 2020  
September 16, 2020    
October 28, 2020    
December 16, 2020    

Calendar Year 2019 

Meeting Date              Agenda Packet    Meeting Minutes 
January 23, 2019  2019-01-23  2019-01-23
February 20, 2019  2019-02-20  2019-02-20
March 20, 2019  2019-03-20  2019-03-20
April 17, 2019  2019-04-17  2019-04-17
May 22, 2019  2019-05-22  2019-05-22
June 19, 2019  2019-06-19  2019-06-19
July 24, 2019  2019-07-24  2019-07-24
August 14, 2019  2019-08-14  2019-08-14
September 18, 2019  2019-09-18  2019-09-18
October 23, 2019  2019-10-23  2019-10-23
December 18, 2019  2019-12-18  


 Meeting Date             
 Agenda Packet Link     Meeting Minutes Link
March 18, 2020  2020-03-18  


 Meeting Date             
 Agenda Packet Link     Meeting Minutes Link
 June 19, 2019  2019-06-19  2019-06-19
 July 24, 2019  2019-07-24  2019-07-24
 September 18, 2019  2019-09-18  2019-09-18
December 18, 2019  2019-12-18  2019-12-18

Housing Commission Meetings 2018
2018-12-12 Agenda Packets
2018-10-18 Agenda Packets
2018-08-21 Agenda Packets

2018-08-18 Agenda Packets

2018-08-08 Agenda Packets

2018-07-11 Agenda Packets

2018-06-13 Agenda Packets

2018-05-09 Agenda Packets
2018-04-18 Agenda Packets

2018-03-18 Agenda Packets

2018-01-24 Agenda Packets

Housing Commission Meetings 2017
2017-01-25 Agenda Packets
2017-02-15 Agenda Packets
2017-03-08 Agenda Packets
2017-04-19 Agenda Packets
2017-05-24 Agenda Packets
2017-05-24 Special Meeting Agenda
2017-06-28 Agenda Packet
2017-07-26 Agenda Packet
2017-08-23 Agenda Packet
2017-10-25 Agenda Packet
2017-12-06 Agenda Packet

2016-12-14 Agenda Packets
2016-10-26 Agenda Packet

2016-09-14 Agenda Packet
2016-08-10 Agenda Packet

2016-06-29 Agenda Packet
2016-05-11 Agenda Packet

2016-03-31 Agenda Packet
2015-10-29 Agenda Packet
2015-08-13 Agenda Packet

2015-06-18 Agenda Packet
2015-05-21 Agenda Packet
2015-04-16 Agenda Packet
2015-03-19 Agenda Packet

2014-10-23 Agenda Packet
2014-08-21 Agenda Packet
2014-07-24 Agenda Packet
2014-06-19 Agenda Packet

2013-01-24 Agenda Packet
2013-02-21 Agenda Packet
2013-03-28 Agenda Packet
2013-04-22 Agenda Packet
2013-05-20 Agenda Packet
2013-06-20 Agenda Packet
2013-10-17 Agenda Packet


2012-01-23 Agenda Packet
2012-02-23 Agenda Packet
2012-03-15 Agenda Packet
2012-04-19 Agenda Packet
2012-05-17 Agenda Packet
2012-06-21 Agenda Packet
2012-07-19 Agenda Packet
2012-08-09 Agenda Packet
2012-09-20 Agenda Packet
2012-10-18 Agenda Packet
2012-12-13 Agenda Packet

2011-01-13 Agenda Packet

2011-02-17 Agenda Packet
2011-03-10 Agenda Packet
2011-04-14 Agenda Packet
2011-05-19 Agenda Packet
2011-06-09 Agenda Packet
2011-07-14 Agenda Packet
2011-08-11 Agenda Packet
2011-10-13 Agenda Packet
2011-12-08 Agenda Packet

State of California Website for Drought Information

Save our Water site from the Association of California Water Agencies. Good tips, self-evaluation, videos and other resources.

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Covered CA -

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DCS Page -

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Legal Services of Northern California - Woodland Office 530-662-1065

New Hope CDC -

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Yolo Adult Day Health Center

Wallet Hacks, Information on Personal Finance


2019 Holiday Schedule

Staff Roster

Office Locations

Computer Learning Center Locations

El Rio Villas Campus
62 Shams Way
Winters, CA 95694

Las Casitas Campus
685 Lighthouse Drive
West Sacramento, CA 95605

Yolano Village/Donnelly Circle Campus
1230 Lemen Avenue
Woodland, CA 95776

Dixon Migrant Center (open seasonally)
7290 Radio Station Road
Dixon, CA  95620

Community Bulletin Board

Homeless Plan Executive Commission Meeting 2019-06-19

Agency Ten Year Plan

YCH 2018-2019 Agency Annual Plan Update

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   New Hope CDC
a non-profit 501 (c)(3), is a community development program affiliate of Yolo County Housing.

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