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Public Housing FAQs

Public Housing are units owned and operated by Yolo County Housing (YCH). The Agency has units throughout the county for households that meet eligibility requirements established by HUD. There are separate site lists for: Esparto, Knight’s Landing, West Sacramento, Winters, Woodland, and Yolo. When an appropriately sized unit (i.e., correct number of bedrooms) becomes available, a verified eligible family will be offered the unit. The family will pay a security deposit and rent (which is approximately 30% of adjusted monthly income) directly to YCH. 

Annual income is the anticipated total money and benefit income received by the family head and spouse and by any adult member of the Household (excluding caregiver). It also includes income derived from assets (including those of minors). It is calculated for the twelve-month period following the effective date of certification. There are some income exclusions that may apply on an individual basis.

Rent is calculated according to federal regulations. It must be recalculated annually and any time income or family size changes. YCH uses a formula to calculate the family’s portion of the rent. Each family’s calculation includes allowed deductions to determine the tenant rent. For the voucher program, the payment standard is a percentage of the HUD-approved Fair Market Rents for the area based on the family’s applicable bedroom size (two persons per bedroom except when a reasonable accommodation is approved). For public rental housing, rent is based on 30% of income.

YCH is required by federal regulation to review each tenant’s income and family size at least once per year. This is done to assure that the right amount of rent is being paid based on actual income and that the home is the right size for the family.

Public Housing Waitlist Information

YCH public housing waitlist are closed as of 2/28/2023. We will provide notification to the public two weeks prior to re-opening our waitlist. Please be advised that units are typically occupied by long-term residents, so the wait can be lengthy, typically years.  To make sure you do not miss notification of your name coming to the top of any waitlist, please remember to contact YCH whenever your mailing address changes.

To apply and be placed on a waiting list, click here.

Paper applications are available in our office during normal business hours. You can also request an application be mailed to you.

Eligibility Information


BASIC ELIGIBILITY: Applicants must be at least 18 years old, and a United States citizen or a noncitizen who has eligible immigration status. Eligible immigration status includes a lawful permanent resident; registry immigrant; refugee or asylee; conditional entrant; parolee; withholding grantee; person granted 1986 amnesty status; resident of the Marshall Islands, Micronesia, Palau, or Guam; victim or relative of a victim of trafficking. Single persons are eligible, as well as households with or without children.

U.S. Department of Housing & Urban Development (HUD) commonly refers to a household as a “family,” so don’t let that term worry you. A “family” may consist of one or more persons, and having children is not required to be considered a “family.”

You can apply to most nationwide Housing Authority waiting lists, regardless of where you currently live, although some lists may have restrictions allowing only local residents to apply.

INCOME ELIGIBILITY: The household must make less than 80% of the Area Median Income (AMI) for the area where the voucher will be utilized (this is known as the income limit). The AMI for your current area is not used for income qualification, rather the AMI for the area where your voucher will be utilized is the basis for the income qualification. 

The income limit amount increases for each additional member of the household (including children).

A household’s AMI is determined by its gross income, which is the amount of money received before subtracting taxes and other expenses.

Employment income earned by household members younger than 18 years old is not included.

PREFERENCES: Many waiting lists have preferences. Applicants who qualify for waiting list preferences will receive assistance before applicants who do not qualify for those preferences. Applicants who do not qualify for preferences will usually have a longer wait to receive assistance. Examples of preferences that may appear on a waiting list include the elderly, persons with disabilities, and local residents.  It is important to know that preferences are not requirements. Applicants may still apply, even if they do not qualify for any preferences.

RESTRICTIONS: Sometimes, a waiting list may only be open for applicants of a specific demographic, such as homeless or disabled persons. If a housing authority has restrictions for a Public Housing opening, the information must be approved by HUD and detailed in the agency’s Annual Plan, along with a statement in the public notice of the waitlist.

Contact Information

Anisa Vallejo, Housing Program Manager, (530) 669-2211, email:

Yolano Donnelly Property Manager Woodland, CA 530-668-1247

El Rio Villas Property Manager Winters, CA 530-795-4111

Las Casitas & Riverbend Manor I & II Property Manager 

         West Sacramento, CA 916-371-0582